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– Cotton Wicking Material – Net Weight 0.35OZ (10G) – Made in the USA

– Cotton Wicking Material – Net Weight 0.35OZ (10G)

Specially designed for the vaping industry. Cotton gods are 100% organic and USA grown Premium Grade cotton. The thick fluffy fibres are soft, natural and free from impurities; meaning no more breaking in taste. Normal dry hits and due to the fibre length – no more wastage.   – Premium Grade Vaping Cotton– 10G Pure Cotton – 100% Organic…

– Pack of 10 – 100% Organic Cotton – Electro-Cleaned, Healthy Purification Process – Selected Long Fiber, Faster Absorption & Improved Wicking Efficiency – Multi-fiber Blends, Great Fiber Strength – Ready-to-Use with Aglet on One End